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Resurfacing | Samsung Fab A2

Project Details

Samsung Fab A2

Austin, TX

April 2007

Project Notes

When developing the new Samsung facility in Austin, TX, cast-in-place concrete waffle slab was incorporated into the building’s design. The waffle configuration is used to provide access to piping and utilities, as well as serve as an air-return system to keep air clean.

The Samsung project required filling and surfacing over 500,000 square feet of concrete. A high performance epoxy compound capable of filling surface voids up to 1/8”, but only requiring minimum thickness in areas free of imperfections, was desired. Contractors also wanted a product that could be spray applied, and due to the configuration of the waffle they needed a product with a reasonable working time, a relatively forgiving recoat window and that is easy to strike smooth.

Series 215 Surfacing Epoxy was used to fill and surface over 500,000 square feet of concrete waffle slab at the new Samsung facility.

Pat Barry reports, “With hundreds of thousands of square feet of concrete to coat, the contractor was pleased we were able to provide them with our Series 215 Surfacing Epoxy in a timely manner.”

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