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PROTEC International Introduction

Presently plywood, in all its forms, is used as the primary form of protection for most construction jobsites. PROTEC has altered this landscape with a not only sustainable approach, but a cheaper, faster and better solution. Barry Group, is the Distributor for PROTEC International Temporary Protection and currently has two materials - Rhino Tile and Proplex, ready for distribution.

Rhino Tiles:

  • 100% Recycled, heavy duty, nonskid PVC Tile
  • Outperforms FR plywood and can be recycled when damaged or no longer needed
  • Rhino Tiles can take heavy rolling pivoting loads along with container storage
  • Reusable, tough enough to be used multiple times on different projects
  • Do not warp or absorb chemicals or water like plywood
  • Rhino Tiles can be installed in a fraction of the time - one man with rubber mallet while plywood sheets take multiple laborers
  • Has no up-lift when properly placed on elevated structures and does not require screwing or nailing down, see Installation Guide below
  • Rhino Tiles are Fire Retardant; grinding and localized hot work can be performed above them
  • NY/NJ Port Authority Tested, meets all requirement for fire resistance and is cheaper than FR Plywood
  • Meets Sustainability Missions for many Building Owners and CM’s

Proplex FR:

  • 100% Reinforced Polypropylene sheets with two densities against abuse, 4mm/700 and 4mm HD/1200 Gram
  • Proplex FR can be re-used and recycled on projects and does not end up in land fill like plywood does
  • Light weight - can have multiple sheets picked up and placed by one person vs two people with plywood
  • Is Certified Fire Retardant, costing far less per sheet than FR plywood, and can be placed with duct tape, blue tape or screwed through if desired
  • Can be cut with a razor knife, no dust or wood refuse, all waste is recyclable
  • 4mm/700 Gram Proplex FR can handle lighter weight rolling loads, can be used for floors and walls, does not warp, and is water- and chemical-resistant – see case study below